in the mood for layers…

I’ve been feeling like a change lately…  This is a problem that often plague us “owners” of long flowy hair.  The dull drone of monotony, the same old look day-in, day-out, the sickening feeling down near the pit of our stomachs that whisper cunningly, “just cut it off… cut it ALL off!”  But through all that, many of us feel as though our hair is our crowning glory, our saving grace, “our thing” so much so that we actually fear the salon, the hairstylist, and the scissors at the same time.  We seek yet fear the change.  So we pansy around the issue by window-shopping, or testing the waters, in the land of the internet.

Here are some looks I am willing to consider.  I wouldn’t mind a long shaggy layered look to bring out more curls (should I choose to curl) though not too many layers as to make it look awkward and uneven when straight… yeah yeah I know, I’m demanding, dammit.

julia photo courtesy of shoppinglifestyle

jessica, photo courtesy of

kate, photo courtesy of

Hilary, photo courtesy of

blake, photo courtesy of

heidi, photo courtesy of

vanessa, photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of lucido-I

megan, photo courtesy of

Hopefully this will be handy for me to quiet down the little devil whispering to “cut it all off…!” and settle for cutting off a bit and adding a little more oomph to my long long locks.

** Does anyone else have hair up to their belly button but have dreams of a ‘bob’?

**Anyone figure it’s no big deal to do a little snippage at home to take 1-2 inches off the very bottom?  I’m guilty….


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